Mablethorpe Online

Mablethorpe Online is a personal project of mine to help the local businesses of the LN12 area of Lincolnshire to promote themselves online to a wider audience and to be a go-to place for everyone who may be looking for information on my local area.

The data for this site was imported from Companies House Data, and updated by local people with local information. Once a local business owner claims a business, access is then granted to them to be able to update their page themselves, as well as adding any events that they are running.

Mablethorpe Online also is home to a blog, where the plan is to create weekly articles giving advice and tips on planning your summer holiday to our seaside town, as well as providing information on the history of the local towns.

Technologies Used:

  • TailwindCSS
  • Slim 3 Framework
  • Javascript
  • Python

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