Lord Bro's Electrical

Lord Bro's is a family run warehouse store in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. I was asked to remake their old website to advertise their electronics department to increase sales. Their new website showcases all of the stock they have, as well as the items they can order in. Their site features a fully functional content management system, as well as the ability to add, edit and remove items from their shop. From the admin section, the staff are also able to download an Excel spreadsheet of all the items that they currently have in stock, and can order in.

This site was built on top of a custom framework that I built using PHP, and using Zurb's Foundation CSS Framework for the front-end. After the site was built I spent a little time training two of the employees at Lord Bro's to teach them how to use the site, and how to edit and update items. I purchased a laptop for them, and set it up so that it was suitable for using the site, as well as accessing a shared drive for images and notes, and installed GIMP (Open source photo editing app) in case they needed to modify any of the product's images.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • Zurb's Foundation CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript

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