Out with the old, in with the new

28 Dec, 2017

With the new year drawing ever closer, I have decided it's time to move forward with my work and learning.

I've recently cleared out my office/storeroom of all the old hardware that I have collected over the years, PC's, laptops, servers equipment, and a whole bunch of networking gear. After writing up a list of all the gear I have, it comes just short of 7 A4 pages! I plan to sell what I can to upgrade my current setup for work and donate the rest to good causes.

Over 2018 I'm hoping to become familiar with many new web development and design techniques, as well as brushing up on some of the other things I have learnt in the past, such as SASS and things such as Webpack. I'm also aiming to get blogging a lot more, and sharing the new things I have been playing around with, and what I have created.

I'm also planning to work on a Raspberry Pi project to create a semi-autonomous vehicle that I hope to use to participate in my local(ish) PiWars. I will be recording the full build and coding here for others to follow along with, as well as to share ideas.

Wishing all my customers, past, present and future customers/readers a brilliant 2018!