CuriositY - A quick walkthrough and how-to guide

I came across this game the other day when a person I follow on Github stared it. The name instantily sparked my curisoity. So what is curiositY? It's a web based level game made by a guy called David Peter where you complete the current challenge to move onto the next, sort of like the classic and wellknown HackThisSite. So, to begin, visit Curiso…

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Out with the old, in with the new!

With the new year drawing ever closer, I have decided it's time to move forward with my work and learning. I've recently cleared out my office/storeroom of all the old hardware that I have collected over the years, PC's, laptops, servers equipment, and a whole bunch of networking gear. After writing up a list of all the gear I have, it comes just …

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Hello World!

Hello world! Or at least, those that are visiting my site! I've just uploaded my personal site to the Internet in hopes to share with you all some of the projects I've been working on, and as a way to promote myself a little too. Not only this, but I have decided to run a blog here to share with you in the additional things I'm currently working o…

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