Jamie Ward Hello! I'm Jamie Ward (also known as Jam). I'm a self-taught, freelance web designer and developer based in the Mablethorpe area of Lincolnshire, England. I have been creating things online since the early days of Myspace, in the form of profile layouts. As Myspace faded out, I chose to continue to learn and create things and went into creating websites for others.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking a step back from the online world, and I attend several festivals across the UK each year. I can often be found at these festivals juggling and keeping warm around the campfires. I have a deep interest in religion and sacred texts and spend most of my free time reading and studying.

I like to be active within my local community, I'm on several committees that help to provide funding for local projects or to run events within the local area.

My Skills

As online trends are ever-changing, I work hard to ensure my skills are kept up-to-date. Please see below for my current skills.


HTML5 & CSS3 is a given, for anyone working with websites. I use TailwindCSS for most of my front-end designs. This allows me to create designs quicker and allows for a more uniformed design across your entire site.


I have learnt the basics of JavaScript and can work with jQuery. For the past year or so I have been developing my skills in P5.js to create interactive "sketches". I'm currently developing my skills in Vue.js to


I use the Laravel Framework daily to build websites that need authentication, shops, and content management systems. In the past, I have also used the Slim micro framework for smaller projects, and even my own MVC setup.


In my day-to-day database administration and web development jobs, I stick to MySQL databases with the aid of either PHPMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench. In the past I have also worked to some degree with Oracle databases, using the knowledge I gained at University when gaining my Oracle PL/SQL certification.


I have been using Debian-based Linux distros for most my life now, and have a good understanding of them. From deploying websites onto my live server, from using it as my daily operating system.


One of my new year's resolutions for 2020 was to continue my progress with Python. I often run into issues with my daily work where I need to do a certain task that by hand, would take too long. This is where I often use Python to create a simple script to get the job done faster.

Whilst I currently have little need for it, Prolog has always been a fascinating language for me, and I'm often playing around to solve challenges that I find online to help develop my skills.