I'm self-taught, and have been creating things online since the early days of Myspace in the form of layouts. Once Myspace had come and gone, I shifted my focus on creating websites for others. Check below to see the list of skills that I currently have.

In my spare time, I love to get away from the online world, and can often be found at various festivals across the UK, juggling and sitting around the campfire. I am very interested in world religions and different beliefs, and currently studying Taoism. I have a deep love for cute cats, and have become friends with many of the local kittens around my area!

I love to learn new things each day and often find myself having a lot of random (and most of the time useless) facts, but no one to share them with - which is the main reason for me being a writer at TheFactSite.com, where I can share my gained knowledge with over 250,000 readers each month. You should check it out - seriously.

My Skills

  • — HTML
  • — CSS [LESS & SASS, TailwindCSS]
  • — javascript [jQuery]
  • — PHP [Slim & Laravel]
  • — MySQL
  • — Linux [Debian & Ubuntu]
  • — Oracle PL/SQL

Who I Work With

Natterjack Creative The Fact Network

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